35 Reasons to Join and Love the AMA

A few months ago the AMA of Central Florida Board Members devised the top 35 Reasons you should join the association.  This list provided me a lot of wonderful reasons to join, but the AMA Central Florida President, Eric Bartels, gave me a reason that truly resonated with my goals and inspired me to join.

Eric told me, “There’s so much information available to you on AMA.org once you become a member, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of research, data and Webinars that can help you with your daily marketing role.”

I am an aspiring public relations, marketing, and advertising professional.  Therefore, continual learning is a way of life for me. I am trying to gain advanced skills that will help me grow personally and professionally and to make me more valuable to my employer.  So, I went to AMA.org and looked around to see what resources are available.

There are many categories of interest from metrics, research, strategy, branding, and advertising, to publications, events/training, podcasts, job boards, Webcasts, and more.  Each of these categories provides me with the necessary educational experience to solidify my background in marketing.

Here are some interesting examples of upcoming AMA Webcasts:

The New Frontier of: Marketing and Brand Insights and Engagement: Best Practices of Online Qualitative Research

These examples are just two of the great experiences awaiting you as a new AMA member. There is so much information available, that I know I personally will never run out of things to read.

Remember, most of these resources are only available to members. Therefore, you will want to sign up today for the AMA!  The membership costs are reasonable, and student membership is ridiculously inexpensive.  If you’re a student, the AMA membership is a “no-brainer.”

Words from our Leaders at the AMA Central Florida:

  1. It’s one of the best places to network in Orlando!
  2. If you are looking for a job in Marketing, you came to the right group
  3. Belonging to this group looks very good on your resume
  4. Stay connected with the best marketing managers (in a variety of levels) by participating in programming and events
  5. Learn to get more involved with social media and be strategic with its use
  6. Improve your content marketing skills
  7. Learn engagement tips for connecting with your target audience
  8. Increase your analytical skills
  9. Empower the next generation of marketing professionals with involvement in local universities & colleges
  10. Meet marketing professionals from across the nation by attending conferences and retreats in various markets
  11. Boost your business by expanding your network and transforming ideal potential clients and contacts into lifelong friends
  12. Meet some of the best marketers around the country through conferences, luncheons, or socials/mixers?
  13. Find other individuals who eat, breathe, and talk your language – marketing!
  14. Gain access to some of the marketing industry’s leading publications such as the Journal of Marketing and Marketing News
  15. Enjoy the plethora of information available to you on AMA.org once you become a member
  16. It’s one of the best organizations that marries academic and practical marketing application and that’s hard to beat!
  17. Save money on the Professional Certified Marketer program
  18. Join your marketing coworkers in being part of the AMA
  19. Get to meet people who know the marketing lingo
  20. Receive up-to-date marketing magazines on a monthly/quarterly basis
  21. Gain insight and access to current marketing trends
  22. AMA is an organization that brings out your creativity!!! Our #AMA35 Instagram Campaign is just one example
  23. AMA always has the best food and speakers at our events
  24. Make awesome memories with great people!
  25. Take advantage of career guidance from people who have been where you are now
  26. Stay up-to-date on what innovators in the industry are doing
  27. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll have access to information that will help improve your work
  28. Learn from marketers in industries other than your own
  29. Get the the best membership ROI your money can buy
  30. Study and learn from Orlando’s best marketers and brands
  31. Get a fun membership card that you can show off to your friends and colleagues!
  32. The AMA has the best workshops and food trucks.  Need we say more?
  33. Attend our fun social events to get you off the couch
  34. Our signature luncheons give you a great excuse for a lunch break
  35. American + Marketing + Association = AMAzing!

Now that you have heard some of the best reasons from the leaders at the AMA Central Florida, it is time to go to our membership page to learn how the American Marketing Association can help you grow personally and professionally.  Here’s to a great 2015!

Craig Jones, our author, is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida and does Promotional Product Sales for ADtangibles.  He also serves as the Social Media Chair for the AMA Central Florida.

Image Credit: Layoutsparks.com